The funeral escort/color guard was officially established in 1937 and is still paying tribute to our fallen soldiers.  The normal funeral escort has 15 Legion Members in attendance, an Escort Leader, seven men to fire the 21-gun salute, two flag bearers, two flag guards, two to fold the flag, and one to play taps on the bugle.  The escort consists of volunteers that are ready to serve year round in all weather conditions.  They have been averaging 90 funerals per year.  The funeral escort is directed by Roger Reller and Roland Hanson. 

                        The Color Guard
  For information, please call
        Roger Reller  507-433-2231 
Our  Color Guard/Funeral Escort is in need of a few new members.  If  you and/or a  friend would  be interested,  please contact  Roger Reller for more information.      507 433 2231